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Videos on outdoor and experiential education
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  • File: High Sierra Safety

    In a project inspired by Bryan Owen at Astral Bouyancy, Gareth Tate and a crew of expert kayakers take you on a video tour of the infamous Upper Cherry Creek in Californa. With a runnable window of less then a week every year this run is top on the wish list of kayakers around the world. In this full...
  • File: What to do if you fall through the ice

    An educational video from the Discovery Channel (Canada) that teaches you what to do if you fall through the ice while fishing, skiing, etc.
  • File: Ice safety

    Winter time often means traveling on icy lakes and streams. Understanding the dynamics of ice safety is critical. This excellent video and Wed site from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is important safety information for the winter sports enthusiast. Avoid becoming a winter statistic! How...
  • File: River Reading & River Safety for Whitewater Canoeing: Group Size & Organization

    Learn basic safety tips for groups whitewater canoeing in this free online instructional video series on canoeing and kayaking.
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